16:20 video

Tomiko Prince goes to the door to receive a package. There is no return address on it so she has no idea who sent it and what it is. She opens and sees a scale. "I always wanted one of these." She pulls it out and decides to try it. She steps onto it and all of a sudden there is an electrical sound and a weird hpn0tic noise. Tomiko Prince tries to pull her feet off the scale but they are stuck. She starts to feel funny..dizzy...there are electric impulses in her head. Something starts to take over her thoughts. "Must obey." Tomiko Prince steps off the scale and is in a hpn0tic state. She is commanded to turn into Wonder Tomi. She spins and turns into Wonder Tomi and then a voice in her head tells her that she must carry the box the scale came in up the stairs into the bedroom. Wonder Tomi walks up the stairs in a XXXX. She walks into the bedroom. The voice in her head tells her to take the contents of the box out. There is rope, tape, packing tape, cloth, something in a bottle and handcuffs. She must strip out of her costume and place it in the box. Then it must be sealed. She then calls her master. He wants her to prep herself and be ready for him in 15 minutes. She ties herself up and puts the tapegag on her mouth. She handcuffs herself and then K *'s herself. We see different angles of her body as she awaits her fate. What a fiendish plot. Wonder Tomi is nude, bound, and helpless. She is waiting for her fan to pick her up. What else does he have planned for her? Are you that fan that will be Wonder Tomi's master?? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BONDAGE, TAPE GAG, F0RCED STRIPPING, EFFECTS, BOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, TIGHTS, HANDCUFFS, ASIAN, ROBOTS, , MIND FUCK, FOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, SOLES

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