28:23 video

Caroline Pierce, Dargonlily, and Jolene Hexx have a new spa. They can't wait to have their first meat....errr... client arrive. They wake out of their XXXX and get dressed in sexy pantyhose, dresses, and high heels. They prepare the massage table and bath...then check on the spices in the kitchen. Tomiko arrives. She saw a deal online for the spa that was too good to be true. Her assumptions were true as the sexy women bring her to the tub and strip her out of her dress and pantyhose and put her in the bath. They scrub her and Tomiko notices the butter scent from the scrub. She is left there and told to come to the massage table when she is ready. The sexy women waste no time massaging her meat....errrr...muscles. Tomiko falls asleep and they sneak off to the kitchen to get the spices. Tomiko awakes and overhears them talking about eating her. She gets dressed in a hurry and makes a mad dash for the door. The three hungry women spot her and chase her down. One has a rope and it is the end for Tomiko. She is stripped out of her dress, bled, spiced, and grilled. She is lifted and carried to the floor where they do a tribal dance stripping out of their sexy dresses and then starting their feast. They cut off a good portion of her rump and bring it to the table to dine on meat and wine. After they are satisfied, they rest their eyes and belly on the couch. They dream of their next client. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, EATING, NUDITY, STRIP TEASE, DANCING, made STRIPPING, MASSAGE, PANTYHOSE, HIGH HEELS,BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, WET AND MESSY

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