26:18 video

Wombat Woman ( Savannah), Sunfire ( Dragonlily ) are hired to protect Annabelle Lee from the Evil Doctor. She has some evidence of his wrong doings and they are there to protect her before she appears in court as a witness. While the Superheroines search the house looking for him, she gets a call with a sound device that controls her mind. She is now his little pawn ordered to go after the 2 Superheroines. He uses lesbian gas on the two Superheroines making them horny for each other. They cant keep their hands off each other. This distracts their judgment allowing Annabelle to take them down one at a time. She drags them away. Annabelle strips Wombat Woman out of her costume and then does the same to Sunfire. She puts them in a hogtie and gags them to keep them quiet. She is now commanded to put herself down. What will happen to them all? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made STRIPPING, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, MIND FUCK, DRAGGING, XXXX FETISH, GAGGING, BONDAGE, BLONDES, BIG TITS, BRUNETTES, REDHEADS, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

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