14:47 video

Pure Rebel gets ready to go to bed wearing her sexy lingerie. A new neighborhood bear, Teddy, is out looking for food. He picks up her sent and sneaks into her house. As she XXXX he rubs his soft furry paw on her ass. She is so delicious looking. She becomes alert and sees him. A fight breaks out between Teddy and Pure Rebel, but he is abloe to overpower her. She starts to get eaten. She is stuck and we see her sexy legs, ass, and feet wiggling around. Once she is eaten, Teddy lays down for a XXXX. We see inside her stomach as Pure Rebel is trying to figure out where she is. She realizes that she is inside his belly. She hears a noise and realizes that she is about to be digested. We see that she has been when Teddy starts to extract out some of her bones. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STRUGGLING, STUCK, FURRIES, FOOT FETISH, LEGS, SOLES, LINGERIE, POV, BRUNETTE, ASS FETISH

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