11:31 video

Sexy Candleboxxx is getting ready for a hot date. Wearing her sexy dress, she doesn't realize that a giant worm has broken into her place. It hides in the garage but keeps the door open enough to watch her as she gets ready in the bathroom. She goes to leave and it lunges at her attacking full XXXX. She is XXXX to the ground, legs thrashing around wildly as she beats it trying to get her arm loose. Somehow she manages to free herself and hides herself in the bathroom. The worm tries to bust down the door. It's hungry and has a taste of her flesh. It wants more. She panics trying to figure out what she is going to do. Then there is silence. Has the worm moved to another area of the house? If only she can get to the door. She is almost there and is surpised as the worm comes flying from above. It almost falls right on top of her. She isn't fast enough to get away. I8t grabs her legs and starts to eat her. She fights it and finally manages to get away, but it isn't long when it attacks again. This time she is not so lucky. she kicks like crazy as it consumes her head first. The dress is burped out and we know she has been consumed and digested. It loves how she tastes. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LEGS, HIGH HEELS, POV , BIG TITS

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