19:23 video

Kimberly Marvel (Ringmaster) and her Strongman sidekick (JR Marvel) own a traveling carnival show. Business is bad and they need a new attraction. They rob a party store not only for some extra cash, but they are hoping to find Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) so they can pitch their idea to her. They tell her how great carny life is and that they will give her 40% of the gate. Wonder Tomi gets offended and tells them that she is not for rent or hire. She fights crime and she is taking them in. The Ringmaster somehow talks Wonder Tomi into arm wrestling her strongman even though with the magic belt it would be an unfair advantage. It looks even but Wonder Tomi puts in some extra power and wins. She takes her lasso and wraps it around the ringmaster's wrists asking where the money is and the Ringmaster tells her. The Ringmaster can see big money in this. With the magic lasso and her powerbelt, Wonder Tomi would bring people in by the millions!!! The Strongman pounces on her and she hits him with a right hook to the face and he goes flying onto the ground KO'd. The Ringmaster still tries to talk Wonder Tomi into being part of the carny team, so Wonder Tomi doesn't see the strongman has awaken and is sneaking up behind her. He tears off her belt, and picks her up into a bearhold. The Ringmaster uses a XXXX rag on her and Wonder Tomi is KO'd. The Ringmaster puts the lasso around Wonder Tomi's wrists and mind controls her. Wonder Tomi is ordered to do whatever she commands. She will perform every night and will be paid 20% of the gate. She will also work at the corn stand. On Saturdays she will do private photo sessions with people. Wonder Tomi can only say YES MASTER. She is then hit with the XXXX KO again. They strip her out of her costume until she is nude and take suggestive sexual position pics of her to help promo their new act. Wonder Tomi awakens and she is tied up in a hogtie. She tells them that she is going to take them in. They tell her that she will be paired with the bearded lady...or better yet...with the clowns. Wonder Tomi tells them she doesn't like clowns, but they have heard enough. They tie the XXXX rag to her face as she struggles. She is KO'd and then lifted and carried over the shoulder (good amount of lift and carry). The strongman tries to find his way out while carrying her and finally does. What kind of costume will they find for their new act?

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