20:49 video

Dr. Tomiko has invented a sex d r u g that will make any woman super horny. It's a definite treat for men villains that want women to be willing participants. Dr. Tomiko is setting up appointments to test its abilities. Sunfire hears about this and decides to put a stop to it. She shows up to Dr. Tomiko's hotel room and breaks in. Dr. Tomiko is waiting for her and suprises her from behind. She is given a spcial cloth and placed on the bed. She is stripped out of her costume. The syringe with the serum is shot into her ass. Now it is a matter of time. Sunfire wakes up and she feels different. She starts to get really horny...so horny that she can't seemed to satisfy herself. She touches herself and then is given a vibrator where she vibrates herself to orgasm. That's not enough to satisfy her. She looks at Dr. Tomiko. She charges her and Dr. Tomiko can not fight her off. She is K O'd and her clothes are stripped off. Sunfire mounts the doctor and starts to move all over her, humping her and going crazy trying to get off. It looks like it back fired on the doctor, but at this point she is at the mercy of a very horny Sunfire. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, made STRIPPING, K O. MIND CONTROL, made ORGASM, ORGASM, ASIAN, JAPANESE, HUMILIATION, BOOT FETISH, FOOT FETISH, FONDLING

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