10:33 video

We left off with Floofie stuck and late for her date.  After calling out for BTrilogy for some time, her roommate is finally able to drag herself away from the mirror.  She can't believe when she sees Floofie stuck.  At first, she thinks it is a practical joke.  She tries to pull her out, but fails.  BTrilogy bends down to the floor to see if she can pry Floofie's hands off the floor.  She accidently touches the sticky stuff and finds herself stuck as well.  Now the two of them are stuck and trying to get loose. They try to figure out a solution and struggle, but it is no use.  They are not going anywhere.  Will anyone find them, or are they friends that must stick together in the end?  FETISH ELEMENTS:  STUCK, STRUGGLING, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, LEGS, EBONY, MIXED RACE, BRUNETTE, ASS FETISH

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