12:04 video

Cheyenne Jewel walks in with her white t-shirt and cotton underwear and sees the overalls sitting there.  She felt sexy the last time she put them on, so she decides to wear them.  She models her sexy overalls and adds some accessories to it.  Pencils and pens for the front pocket and a wrench for one back pocket and her phone in the other back pocket.  She remembers how fun it was to suspend herself in the air when she sees the harness.  She decides to put that on and hangs herself up on the heavy bag rack.  She is having fun spinning and posing.  She starts to feel how the overalls and harness are cutting into her thighs and starts to feel horny.  The more she moves, the hornier she gets.  She grabs the wrench from her back pocket and starts to masturbate with it over the jean material.  She rubs her body and harness with the other hand and uses her fingers on her clit area.  She starts to feel too good and has an orgasm.  She realizes that she can't get herself down and all of a sudden she has to pee.  She has no choice but to pee her pants and wait for someone to come to her house to help her down.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  WEDGIES, JEANS FETISH, SUSPENSION, ORGASM, PONYTAIL, FOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, JEANS/PANTS WETTING, REDHEADS

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