10:46 video

Dollmaker (Tomiko) is at her headquarters in Los Angeles. She is confronted by Wonder Womyn (Hollywood). Wonder Womyn is going to put a stop to this dollmaking business once and for all. She throws some powerful punches at the Dollmaker, and it seems like she will defeat her, but she doesn't know about her special kiss. Dollmaker manages to kiss Wonder Womyn. Her body begins to freeze. She is aware of her surroundings but is helpless to the Dollmaker who poses her and makes fun of her. Her magic accessories help her and she is able to snap out of being a doll. She is weakened but still is able to throw some powerful punches. Dollmaker, confused, goes for another kiss. This time she removes Wonder Womyn's magic bracelets. She poses her some more moving her around already planning what she will do with this doll, but what is this? Wonder Womyn breaks out of the spell again. Another struggle happens and they end up on the couch where Dollmaker gives her one of her special kisses again. She is stiff into a pose. Wonder Womyn's belt and lasso are removed. This time she can't get out of her freeze. Dollmaker has fun with her. This is the hottest Superheroine yet. She isn't even sure if she will try to sell this one. She may keep her for herself and make her a very special doll in her bedroom. She carries her away thinking about the possibilities. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, BIG TITS, FREEZE, DOLL FETISH, BOOT FETISH, SPANDEX, PANTYHOSE, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, SPANDEX, MASK FETISH, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

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