18:19 video

Robyn (Tomiko) has tracked burglar, Leviathon to his fence, Evangeline Von Winters. He is trying to unload some jewelry he stole. While distracted with Leviathon, Evangeline K O's Robyn. The two argue over what they should do with her. Leviathon wants to take her home with him and keep her as his sex slave, but Evangeline knows some comic book nerds who will pay top dollar to have sex with her. They strip her naked and tie her up. They telephone the nerds to arrange sex sessions with their captive. Evangeline and Leviathon agree to split the money. After renting Robyn out, Leviathon betrays Eveangeline and K O's her, saying he is going to take Robyn with him after all...and take all the money they earned too!!! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, XXXX STRIPPING, K O, FONDLING, DEMASKING, DEBOOTING, BOOT FETISH, XXXX PLAY, XXXX FETISH, BONDAGE, HOGTIE, HUMILIATION

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