7:47 video

Goldie Blair meets Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) for a charity boxing match.  Wonder Tomi even goes topless for the crowd to show that she has no power items and to make the event more interesting.  Before the fight starts, Wonder Tomi whispers to Goldie that they don't have to go hard.  Just do it for entertainments and fun.  Goldie has been looking for and opportunity to beat the "goodie two shoes" so she really doesn't pay attention to anything Wonder Tomi says.  They being their match and she hits her harder than expected.  After a few cheap punches to the tits, Wonder Tomi decides that she will giver her a taste of her own medicine.  She didn't want to really harm Goldie, but maybe throwing some punches to her big tits and face will settle her.  Goldie mentions that she needs to adjust her glove, and pulls out a syringe.  Wonder Tomi gets an unexpected shot to the ass.  She starts to feel funny seeing double and she is disoriented.  She punches at the air and even in the wrong direction. After a few more jabs here and there, Goldie sends Wonder Tomi on the ground and into dreamland where she is so gone, she snores!  She stands there with a victory pose over the defeated Wonder Tomi.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPEREHEROINES, TOPLESS, FEMALE FIGHTING, BELLY PUNCHING, NUDITY, BIG TITS, STRONG WOMEN, HUMILIATION, VICTORY POSE, FLEXING BICEPS, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, BLONDES, TIT PUNCHING

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