27:10 video

Bat Tomi (Tomiko) finishes her day of fighting crime and comes home for some much needed rest. She removes her boots and massages her tired feet. She is so tired, she doesn't bother to take her costume off and falls into a blissful rest. Sadly, she was so tired, she forgot to lock the door. Voo Doo Chick has followed her home. She has a special h y p n o gas b o m b that she places next to Bat Tomi. Bat Tomi wakes up to the horrible smell coughing and she slowly gets 'd and put down. Voo Doo Chick sXXXXs her fingers for her to awake and she starts making commands to test that the device worked. Once this is confirmed, she makes Bat Tomi strip out of her costume and do a sexy dance. She places two fingers on her forehead and gives her the command to s l e e p. Bat Tomi wakes up and she is tied spreadeagle to the bed. The gas has worn out and she is defiant right now and a real bitch. She mouths off to Voo Doo Chick when she approaches her. Voo Doo Chick mocks her and mimicks her movments. This makes Bat Tomi even more furious. A vibrator is pulled out to tame her. She teases her with it. At last she places it on Bat Tomi's pussy. The orgasm she has takes all the fight and energy out of Bat Tomi. She feels humiliated and defeated. Her mask is removed for the ultimate defeat and Voo Doo Chick tells her that she will be targeting Robyn next. bat Tomi tells her that Robyn will defeat her, but Voo Doo Chick just laughs at the threat and K O's her again walking away. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BONDAGE, FONDLING, XXXX STRIPPING, STRIP TEASE, ORAGASM, VIBRATOR, ASIAN, FOOT FETISH, PUSSY

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