27:39 video

Sunfire heard news that people had been complaining about mysterious activity going on at this one house.  Ironically, this is the home of the recently deceased notorious lesbian criminal, Lady Kimono.  She would often women, specifically Asian, and subject them to all kinds of pleasure without their consent.  People would often see mind fuck nude women walking around in the backyard.  Sunfire decides to investigate.  She can't believe Wonder Tomi didn't loan out her invisible jet to her.  She had to walk here and is very exhausted.  She sees this cup of tea.  Against her better judgement, she drinks it, not being able to resist the aroma.  She starts to feel drowsy and falls back onto the couch.  A mysterious voice starts to speak to her.  It is the spirit of Lady Kimono and she still has the ability to mind fuck women.  She plays with her and removes her catsuit.  A naked Sunfire walks around the house in a mind fuck state of mind. It doesn't take long for Lady Kimono to control her.  She makes her grab a dildo and vibrator.  She pleasures herself to exhaustion.  Now she is weak and belongs to Lady Kimono who if she chooses, can possess her body now.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, XXXX FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, ASS FETISH, CAT SUITS, VIBRATOR, DILDO, ORGASMS, ASIAN, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR

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