19:17 video

The Curator of the Wax Museum hires the Mercenary (Cheyenne Jewel) to capture Sunfire (Dragonlily) and Bat Tomi (Tomiko). He wants to possess them for his wax museum. The pay is 2 million dollars, so the Mercenary is more than happy to do the job. She calls in acting like a concerned citizen telling them that there is a suspicious chemical smell and they it needs to be checked into. The superheroines show up. They decide to split up. Sunfire gets hit with a blow dart in the ass. It causes her to freeze into place. The Mercenary goes after Bat Tomi. She gets it in the ass, too with the blow dart and freezes. Sunfire is carried and placed next to the frozen Bat Tomi. The Mercenary leaves the scene to prep for the delivery. We see Bat Tomi pull out something out of her utility belt and put it in Sunfire's mouth. Sunfire unfreezes. Bat Tomi informs her that she took a Bat Tomi anti blow dart pill. Pleased with herself, they split up again. Sunfire gets judo XXXX to the neck and is put down. Her body is dragged and her clothes are removed. Her ankles and wrists around bound. The Mercenary leaves to find Bat Tomi. She blows the dart into her chest. Bat Tomi thinks she has the correct antidote, but soon learns it's the wrong one and she is put down. Her body is dragged as well. The two Super Heroines wake up tied back to back...nude and helpless. The Mercenary lets them know that they are going to be in a wax museum and then blows a dart into each of them that freezes them. That will make them easier for transporting and she can go get her money. Wax figures for life??? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BONDAGE, FREEZE, BODY DRAGGING, ASS FETISH, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, CATSUITS, FOOT FETISH, ASIAN, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, JAPANESE

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