14:10 video

Fluffy has been left home on Thanksgiving to fend for himself. He isn't in the mood for turkey. He has a taste for a Hooters Girl. He arranges for a call to get a delivery. Pure Rebel doesn't realize that she will be delivering more than wings. She is about to become Fluffy's holiday meal! She arrives with a big attitude because she had to work on a holiday and she is tired of all the crank calls the business gets. Just when she think this is a prank and goes to leave, she is surprised by the tongue of Fluffy wrapping around her neck and taking her down to the ground. She struggles to try and get free, but she is stuck. Out of fear she is sent to dreamland only to be alerted that this truly is not a nightmare. She sees that she is about to be eaten and as much as she fights and kicks her legs, the only thing that manages to get lose are her shoes. She is eaten with sock feet and all. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STRUGGLING, STUCK, PANTYHOSE, HOOTERS UNIFORM, SOCKS, ASS FETISH, BRUNETTE, SNEAKERS

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