18:23 video

Tomiko Prince is walking around the neighborhood to give out citations to anyone that is violating traffic laws.  She doesn't expect to see someone driving wrecklessly around the neighborhood and she is appalled by what she sees!  When the guy gives her the finger, she knows that this is a job for Wonder Tomi.  She quickly goes to the back of a random house and spins...changing into Wonder Tomi.  With ticket in hand, she confronts Porno Bob.  He can't believe that she is trying to give him a rather pricey citation in his own garage.  She tells him that unless he pays, she will take his license and impound his car.  Wonder Tomi takes his keys and starts to turn on the truck.  Porno Bob laughs because she has walked into his trap.  He presses a button on his phone and it sets off smoke inside the truck.  Wonder Tomi goes to dreamland.  She comes to on the ground bound in lots of rope.  She struggles, but the smoke has still made her weak so she can't free herself.  Porno Bob gives her a mask to keep her weak and then starts up his truck.  He slowly starts to drive up with the intentions of making her a smashed Wonder Tomi.  We wonder if this is her demise...but he has second thoughts and decides to bring her inside and strip her out of her costume.  She will make a better sex slave for him and make him some serious money.  That will teach her to put her nose in his business.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, BONDAGE, NUDITY, XXXX STRIPPING, XXXX FETISH, STRUGGLING, DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, BOOT FETISH, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE

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