17:46 video

Goldie Blair is talking to her rich boyfriend (hopefully future husband) on the phone.  She is dressed in a really sexy bikini and high heels. she doesn't hear Tomiko come in.  Tomiko has been waiting for the opportunity for Goldie to be home so she can hold her for ransom and get some money from her wealthy man.  She grabs the phone and tells him he better pay or else she will make Goldie suffer.  She ties her hands behind her in a chair and pulls her head back grabbing her hair tightly.  She has a webcam set up so she can talk to the man that will pay her a ton.  She shows him how much she will mess with Goldie if not paid.  Goldie pleads for help.  Tomiko gets even more cruel by squeezing her tits super hard and pulling a belt out and wrapping it around her arms so she can pull even tighter.  She puts a ballgag in Goldie's mouth to silence her but we hear her still gag talking through pleading for help.  Tomiko still doesn't have her money she puts her in this hot warehouse where her arms are bound above her head.  She is XXXX to be up on her toes as she struggles.  Tomiko continues to squeeze her tits and nipples.  She slaps her ass and wedgies her.  Goldie pleads some more.  Tomiko confesses that there will be no ransom money because her boyfriend is in on it.  He is up next to continue what Tomiko has started.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  BONDAGE, NUDITY, BIG TITS, BALLGAGS, GAGTALK, TIT SQUEEZING, SPANKING, WEDGIES, HIGH ARCHES, FOOT FETISH, BIKINIS, LEGS, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, FEMALE DOMINATION

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