11:17 video

SHOT POV.  Robyn (Tomiko) hears about a hot villain that she wouldn't mind having some fun with.  She hears that he has stolen Wonder Tomi's lasso and is using it on women to mind fuck them.  He sets up his lights and webcam so that he can have his members watch as he gropes the tits of various women.  Because of his good looks, they don't suspect a thing.  Robyn decides she will play with him by making him believe that she is under his control.  She walks into his hideout as he gets ready to pounce on her.  She acts helpless as he wraps the lasso around her wrist.  She appears to be mind fucked and stuck on the bed.  The villain gropes her on the tits and we get a couple of glances upskirt at her pussy.  Once Robyn knows that she has had her fun, she surprises him by snapping out of her helpless state and informing him that she was never under control.  She wanted to be groped on purpose.  She flirts as she leaves him standing there bewildered.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, MIND FUCK, NUDITY, UPSKIRT, BOOT FETISH, POV, GROPING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, MASK FETISH

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