16:07 video

Cheyenne Jewel seeks revenge after being betrayed by Dr. Tomiko when capturing Blue Flash. She intends to trap Tomiko by disguising herself as a new villain. She makes an appointment with Dr. Tomiko. When walking into the room with her shiny catsuit and mask on, Tomiko has the impression that she knows her. Super Skank (What Cheyenne has chosen to be called) asks questions about the Blue Flash. "Was she a nice piece of ass...the best Dr. Tomiko ever had?" Tomiko beems has she talks about how hot Blue Flash is. This pisses Cheyenne off and she takes off the mask revealing her true identity. The break into a fight each belly punching, tit punching. It looks like Cheyenne is getting the upperhand, but Tomiko cheats and pulls out a device. She doesn't hesitate to use it. It sends out electricity (cool effects) that shocks Cheyenne causing her body to shake uncontrollably. She falls to the ground out. Tomiko hits her a couple more times with the electricity to make sure she is out. She pulls out another device and decides that she is going to have some fun. She controls her mind and makes her dance sexy for her. She makes her strip out of her costume and do more sexy dancing. She decides to karate chop Cheyenne and she falls to the ground. Tomiko fondles her all over but realizes that she can't keep her. She makes other arrangements with another villain letting him know that he can do whatever he wants. The price is right. She drags her body across the floor to get closer to the door for delivery. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDTY, BODY DRAG, EFFECTS, XXXX STRIPPING, DANCING, STRIP TEASE, ASS FETISH, ELECTRICUTION, BOOT FETISH, SPANDEX, BUSINESS SUIT, HIGH HEELS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, ROBOTS, BODY DRAGGING, FONDLING, BELLY PUNCHING, TIT PUNCHING

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