18:22 video

Evangeline and her boyfriend, Leviathon, are on a scavenger hunt. The winner gets a million dollars. One of the items on the list is a Superheroine costume...so the two of them scheme to capture Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) and take her costume. The call in a fake robbery, luring Wonder Tomi to their house. She is K O'd and stripped out of her costume. While Leviathon plays with Wonder Tomi, Evangeline departs with the costume to deliver it to the contest before the time limit expires. Leviathon fondles, molests, and K O's Wonder Tomi when ever she revives. He receives a call from Evangeline that they have won the contest and to meet her at the bank to claim their money. Leviathon lifts and carries Wonder Tomi to a chair and ties her up. He thanks her for making him rich. Wonder Tomi with no costume? How will she fight crime? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, TIGHTS, BOOT FETISH, FONDLING, LIFT AND CARRY, K O, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, ASIAN

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