10:19 video

American Protector (Jolene Hexx) comes over to the house that had a mysterious crash. She searches the house and when opening the cabinet, an alien appears on the screen.  It demands that she take it to her leader.  Being defiant, she doesn't cooperate.  It takes its freeze gadget and points it at her.  She is zapped and frozen.  Everytime she is unfrozen, the alien tries to touch her.  She fights it until getting zapped and frozen again.  The alien decides that it wants to bring her back to its planet to impregnate her so that they can make 1/2 earthling and have alien . This way they can invade the planet earth with disguised aliens and take over the planet.  The super powers will make them unstoppable.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, FREEZE, BIKINIS, BOOT FETISH, REDHEADS, POV

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