14:10 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) gets news that the Evil Scientist is once again up to no good. She tracks down one of his Henchman and demands that he hands over the little red box he has hidden behind his back. Wonder Tomi opens in and a strange light comes out of the box with a strange sound. Wonder Tomi goes into a trance and is . The Evil Scientist shows up and removes her belt. He takes this opportunity to fondle her. He orders the Henchman to take her downstairs. The 'd Wonder Tomi follows him. She is tied to an X frame and boobs are exposed. The Evil Scientist fondles her some more and ties her to the contraption. He plays with her putting his hand over her mouth. He then orders the Henchman to put a gas mask over her. It is filled with KO gas but is set on low so that she is still awake but very out of it. She is helpless as the Evil Scientist runs his hands all over her body. He tells the Henchman to go rob the bank and this allows endless possibilities with the helpless Wonder Tomi. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, , MIND CONTROL, BONDAGE, FONDLING, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, KO, GAS MASK KO, HAND OVER MOUTH, NUDITY

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