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Crazy Lady, Tomiko, is a huge fan of the Evil Scientist and wants to be a villain just like him. She purchases a special ray g u n that turns women into Fembots. Tomiko wants to have her special collection of Superheroine Fembots that she can rent out as sex slaves so she can live the nice life and not have to work her low income job. Three Superheroines hear about the crazy lady that has been turning women into Fembots and has tracked down where she lives thanks to Tomiko planting clues. Sunfire (Dragonlily), Saphire (Savannah) and the Blue Flash (AnnaBelle Lee) have come over to the house to capture her.They sneak in and split up. Crazy wanna be Evil Female Scientist, Tomiko, uses the ray g u n on Sunfire first. Sunfire freezes...then with a zap...she is transformed into Fembot 001. The next victim to get the ray is Saphire. She freezes and is zapped into a Fembot 002. Tomiko gets the last one, Blue Flash, and she too is frozen then turned into a Fembot 003. They march one at a time to the livingroom where Tomiko is there trying to sound like an Evil Scientist and live out her fantasy of being a Villain. She tests each of them with different commands...but what is this!! They start to malfunction and breakdown. When she thinks they are fixed, they malfunction again!! Tomiko, in her frustration, ditches the Evil Scientist voice and starts to talk in her regular voice. She tries the sex mode button to see if maybe that operation will work, and it first it looks good...but then it fails! Tomiko calls the Evil Scientist to chew him out about his faulty ray g u n, and he just laughs at her. She is going to return the ray piece of and give him the Superheroine Fembots. Little does she know, the Evil Scientist planned it that way...and he has plans for this crazy lady, Tomiko, too. Will our Superheroines be destined to be fembot sex slaves afterall? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, ROBOTS, FREEZE, SPANDEX, CATSUITS, BOOT FETISH, MIND CONTROL, DOMINATION

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