15:02 video

The Doll Maker (Tomiko) and The Invisible Woman are sitting around trying to decide how to make a profit on the Super Heroine Doll Collection and how to split the profits. While arguing over the percentages with Doll Maker insisting it be 50/50 an indicator goes off alerting them to an intruder has entered their hideout. Doll Maker gets up and goes over to check a monitor. "Oh look another one to add to our collection" she tells the invisible Woman. "She is very pretty. I won't even bill you for this one." She tells her and goes off to create another doll. The Invisible Woman checks out the monitor and remarks. "I recognize her. What she call herself....Oh yeah The Reflector (BTRILOGY) because she can reflect another person's powers. This should be interesting. I think I want to watch this personally" She remarks then takes off. Reflector is carefully making her way through the hideout. Doll Maker sneaks up behind her. She grabs Reflector from behind and spins her around. "You not really cut out to be a burglar are you my dear. But you will make an awesome doll." Doll Maker tells her and then plants a kiss on Reflector. Only instead of just turning Reflector into a doll the Doll Maker turns into one as well. They stand there lips locked together as the Invisible Woman remarks on how much of a treat this is. After a few moments she separates the two girls. She puts them in various positions. Finally decides the free the Doll Maker and gives her an antidote pill. It takes a few moments but Doll Maker revives. "What the Hell was that?" she screams. "Doll Maker meet The Reflector." The Invisible Woman tells her. Doll Maker starts to examine The Reflector. "How she do that?" she demands to know. "If you would read the briefs I gave you, you would know that she has the ability to reflect other peoples powers." She explains. "Really? How does she do that?" She asks as she gets closer to Reflectors face. "Like this." The Invisible Woman tells her then XXXX Doll Maker into another kiss with the Reflector and she turns back into a doll. The Invisible AWoman plays with both girls once again then gives Doll Maker the antidote again. Once she revives she demands to know why she did that again. "I think we need to finish our renegotiations." she tells her. "No way its 50/50." she tells her. She starts to be pushed towards The Reflector again. "Okay, Okay, 75/25 for you." She tells her but she continues to move towards Reflector. "Don't do this." she begs. "Alright you win 90/10." She brings her hands up trying to hold herself away from The Reflector. "Let me think about that. Maybe 95/5." she responds. "Oh come on I have expenses to cover." is Doll Makers responds. The Invisible Woman stops pushing her. Doll Maker relaxes but is still just inches away from the Reflector. "You know what I think I want a silent partner for the moment." She tells her. "Noooo." is all the Doll Maker has time to say before entering into another lip lock with The Reflector. The Invisible Woman admires the two girls in their embrace for a moment then separates the two again. She tells Doll Maker to think over her offer while she checks out the latest addition to her collection and carries The Reflector off. The camera scans the Doll Maker frozen in place for a few moments then the Reflector costume lands on her as she stands there. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, DOLL FETISH, FREEZE, BOOT FETISH, KISSING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, MIXED RACE, ETHNIC, HUMILIATION, NUDITY

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