18:16 video

Captain Jolene Hexx was recently put in charge of a critical mission for the Monster Queen that would turn the war in their favor against their archenemy, the Superheroines Team.  She botched the mission resulting in a huge loss and embarrassment.  She is summoned by General Tomiko.  Jolene tries to explain that she didn't have enough ammo, soldiers, etc.  Tomiko tells her these are lame excuses and she is going to be subjected to the monster like all the other henchmen that failed.  Jolene gets down on her knees and begs.  She desperately tells General Tomiko that they can combine XXXX and defeat the Queen.  Tomiko can go up in ranking and be the next Queen!  Tomiko looks like she is considering it, but she gives Jolene false hope as she is put down.  She comes to in the area where the Henchmen go to face the monster.  She begs to not be fed to the beast but it is too late.  The beast sees her and pounces on her she is stuck and struggling as she is slowly eaten.  Tomiko pushes the last part of her sticking out (feet) into the hungry beast.  When she does, the beast smells her arm and bites it. Tomiko is  now stuck and struggling to free herself, but it is no use.  She gets slowly eaten as well! After they are swallowed, you can hear a satisfied burp.   FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, LEOTARD, PANTYHOSE, FOOT FETISH, STOCKING FEET, LEGS, STRUGGLING, STUCK, REDHEADS, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, HIGH HEELS, ASS FETISH

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