27:10 video

Miss Tiffany and Bunny are Cookie Girls who have disobeyed the "No Soliciting" rules of a gated community.  Tomiko, the head of the HOA and the lead neighborhood watch captain sees them going door to door.  She knows exactly how she will make an example of these two rule breakers.  She brings them into the garage.  Tiffany has an attitude, while Bunny is quiet and scared.  She XXXX them to strip off their uniforms so they are in just bra and panties.  Tiffany and Tomiko have a full argement, so Tomiko decides to make her go first.  She thrives on the fear she is causing from Bunny.  A rope is slipped around Tiffany's neck to get her ready for her Doll Transformation.  Tomiko plans on making them both dolls that she will hang on the gate next to the "No Soliticitng" sign.  This will keep other sales people from coming into her community and breaking the law.  She watches as Tiffany struggles until she is transformed and no longer moving.  It is now Bunny's turn.  She pleads with Tomiko that she promises to never do it again.  Tomiko plays a mind game with her making her think she will go free, but that dream goes away when she has her step up as well.  She struggles just like Tiffany until she is no longer moving and transformed.  Tomiko places both of her new dolls in a body pile on the floor.  Tomiko plays with her new dolls (shown as different poses on the floor).  Time to get the truck so she can drive them over the the entrance gate.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  DOLL FETISH, FREEZE,  LINGERIE, SCHOOL UNIFORMS, XXXX STRIPPING, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, STRUGGLING, EYE FETISH, MOUTH FETISH, ASS FETISH, LEGS, ASIAN, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, 18& 19 YRS OLD

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