16:45 video

Tomiko had literally just finished shooting a wrestling video â€ne that saw her lose badly. Our camera guy was late for the match, and walked into the room to see an out-like-a-light Tomiko twitching on the bed wearing tight jeans and a white tank top. Out of nowhere, Cheyenne Jewel walks into the room. Following some limb checks, where Tomiko's arms drop lifelessly to the bed, Cheyenne lifts Tomiko to a sitting position and wraps her arms around her neck. It isn't long before Tomiko is done, DROOLING over Cheyenne's arm as she holds the life-sapping hold. The more she squeezes, the more Tomiko drools. This, folks, is the start of Tomiko's destruction. Legs spread and dreaming, Tomiko twitches and convulses before Cheyenne pins her, hooking her XXXX leg for a five count. From there, Cheyenne continues to XXXX Tomiko, and sends her to dreamland thanks to a hard scissors. Tomiko's on her belly, head hanging over the side of the bed as Cheyenne has her in this dangerous hold. Drool pours to the floor from her lips and her arms twitch violently. Cheyenne then spends several minutes playing with a XXXX Tomiko, pinning her and enjoying her motionless body. The end comes with one more dangerous hold, which results in MORE drool pouring from Tomiko's mouth. The end finally comes with a long pan of Tomiko's sexy, yet defeated, twitching body, with a thick line of drool leaking from the side of her mouth. Fans of seeing our beautiful Tomiko rag dolled will surely enjoy this one. Trust us when we say, Tomiko NEVER had a chance. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, DROOL, XXXX FETISH, LEG SCISSORS, PINS, XXXX PLAY, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTE, ASS FETISH, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, ASIAN, JAPANESE, SPANDEX LEGGINGS, MOUTH FETISH, FANTASY WRESTLING

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