21:32 video

Robyn (Tomiko) reports back to the batcave that there is nothing going on at the location they were given a tip on. It seems the Joker is no where to be seen...or is he? Robyn hangs up the bat phone and attempts to leave when she is hit with a dart in her ass and is sent to dreamland. We get a nice pan and upskirt of her throughout the movie. She comes to and is tied with her hands over her head. Her ass hangs out and we see it juicy and plump. She struggles, but then the henchman appears to shut her up. She is cleave gagged and tied up even more with her hands still above her head. Her panties have been removed and there is a tick tock at her feet. Looks like this will be the end of Robyn, but she manages to free herself. She is able to detach the gadget and calls the batcave again. She tells headquarters what happened and asks for help from bat-man. She sits and waits. There is a box sitting there with her name on it. She opens it and a cloud of smoke comes out. Oh no! She is sent back to dreamland. She becomes alert and notices that her costume is gone. She is tied on the floor, nude, with her arms above her head and her ankles tied on the other end to something else. She notices that there is a gadget pointed towards her and a string is attached to the door. Oh no! When Bat-man gets here, the door knob moving will start the contraption and she will be a goner...but wait! She can call out and warn him...or can she? The henchman comes in with tape and she is gagged all the way around her head. She is left to struggle and it looks like this will be the end when she hears the batmobile outside the the door begin to move. Is this the end for Robyn? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BONDAGE, TAPE GAG, CLEAVEGAG, STRUGGLING, BOOT FETISH, MASK FETISH, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, UPSKIRT, ASS FETISH

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