11:02 video

Carmen Valentina goes door to door to sell her cookies.  She is taking orders and she just knows the mint chocolate ones will be the best seller. When she XXXX on the door of one house, there is no answer.  She could have sworn she saw someone enter this house when she was across the street. She tries the door and it is open.  She decides that she will just enter the house.  She calls out the owner who startles her by asking why she has entered her property. Carmen turns to leave when things start to feel a little creepy, but the lady of the house has locked the door!  She is brought down to the ground and comes to in front of a giant worm creature.  She starts to freak out and tries to talk to the beast but it starts sniffing and she faints from fear.  She comes to on the worm's mouth while he is eating her.  She starts to struggle, but it's no use.  The worm eats her whole until she is completely gobbled up.  Her sneakers and part of her uniform are burped out.  FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, UPSKIRT, ASS FETISH, SNEAKERS, BLONDES, SCHOOL UNIFORM

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