16:20 video

Caroline Pierce is a notorious villain scheming a plot with her stupid Henchman. She wants to create a spray boobytrap that will put Superheroines down for the count so she can go on her crime spree. She wants her first target to be Wonder Tomi but she needs to test it first to make sure it works. She keeps bitching at the Henchman who plays dumb. When she leaves the room, he rigs the spray so that it will backfire. When Caroline gets back and uses the spray on him, it ends up spraying her in the face (effects). She is put down. The Henchman goes to work and ties her up. When she becomes alert, he toys with her. He gropes her body and spanks her ass. Her pantyhose are pulled down to expose that nice juicy ass. She is pissed and tries to struggle and get free, but it's no use. What does this Henchman have in mind for her? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, ASS FETISH, BONDAGE, PANTYHOSE, GROPING, STRUGGLING, TAPE GAG, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, SPANKING

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