9:16 video

Jolene Hexx is getting ready for a XXXX. She gets a phone call. When she answers, it is the hostess from the show "Vore and More". She thinks it is just a telemarketer and is about to hang up until she hears that the show will pay her $50,000 to make an appearance. What girl can resist that? She readily agrees and asks about how to go about getting there. She hears a high pitch noise and covers her ears. Next thing you know, she pops onto the show! The audience cheers and applauds and the hostess cues the cameras. Jolene sees the audience and hears the music and is a but disoriented by it all. The hostess wastes no time asking her about her experience working with Tomiko in her vore productions. She is questioned about how she likes to be eaten and which monsters have eaten her. All of a sudden in pops virtual alien Fluffy. She is delighted at first and as he clothes start to disappear, she goes a long with it with a giggle while she stands there in her bra and panties. When the hostess comands the giant worm to attack her, her smile disappears as the monster pounces her and starts to eat her. She is stuck as she struggles in the hungry mouth. She is slowly consumed until we see her feet slurped into its giant mouth. The interview continues while she is in the belly and this makes her angry. She starts to have an attitude and demands to be freed. The hostess doesn't like her attitude and orders the worm to go ahead and digest her. In disbelief, she slowly disappears as she digests. FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, LEGS, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, LINGERIE, BLONDES

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