11:07 video

This has a twighlight zone flair to it.  Tomiko Prince is in a bad mood.  She is tired of all the work and wants to control everyone and everything around her. She is heading to the airport and sets up her GPS. The GPS starts acting a little funny and Tomiko starts to hit it and swear at it. Now it's not just an ordinary GPS. It takes control. It takes control of the car and Tomiko is XXXX to pull into a garage. Seatbelts come out from everywhere (cool effects) and start to wrap around her legs, chest, and arms binding her so she can't move. The ultimate surprise is when a vibrator comes out and inserts itself right onto her pussy. She is vibed and has two orgasms. The car is going crazy and the GPS now has total control. Tomiko is dirven away. She is bound tightly by the seatbelts and no longer has control of the car as it drives itself down the road to a destination unknown...the Fetish Zone FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, BONDAGE, XXXX ORGASM, ORGASMS, BUSINESS SUIT, ASIAN, JAPANESE, EFFECTS, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, LEGS, STUCK, ROBOTS

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