17:52 video

The Mad Scientist (Sabilque Von Lux) has Wonder Tiffany's (Miss Tiffany) mind controlled with a chip she placed on her forehead. Her remote sends signals to the chip that makes her do anything she wants. She tests her out after examining her mind slave by making her do different things. For fun, she deactivates the chip so she can tell her captor what she is doing only to activate the chip again. The scientist gets cocky and decides she will see if the Wonder Tiffany is able to get the remote away from her. After deactivating the chip again, she offers her freedom if she can get the remote. She under estimates Wonder Tiffany's strength and has to cheat with the remote to activate the chip again. The scientist is surprised by Super Jolene (Jolene Hex) who plans on saving her super friend. The scientist uses the remote to make wonder Tiffany fight her. Super Jolene is so strong, she is able to push her back, and the scientist and her fight for the remote. Super Jolene manages to grab the remote and the chip from the scientist's pocket and places it on her forehead. Now she has her friend and the scientist controlled with the chip. Super Jolene starts to do some thinking and decides that she wants to have fun controlling both her super friend and the Mad Scientist. There is an alternative to this story where Super Jolene loses and the Mad Scientist pulls a slick move. This was an entertaining custom with a great story. Both endings end with a ballroom dance with the two mind controlled captors. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, ROBOTS, REMOTE CONTROLLED, MIND FUCK, DANCING, BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, BOOT FETISH, AMAZONS, HUMOR, LONG HAIR, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMALE FIGHTING, LINGERIE, ASS FETISH

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