9:37 video

Nerd Sablique Von Lux heard from her nerd girlfriends that they bought a special pill from a mad scientist that transforms you.  She is skeptical, but decides that she will get that pill.  She tries it and starts to feel funny.  There is smoke, and slowly things start to disappear.  First, her sandals, then her socks.  Her jeans and shirt are next to disappear.  Things start to take the place of her drab clothes.  First she gets these amazing gloves.  Next, are these awesome gold boots.  She can't believe when she sees that she is turning into a hot superheroine.  The costume is amazing and her glasses are replaced with a sexy mask.  Last thing that changes is her hair.  Frumpy to gorgeous!!!  She can't wait to get out there and show off her new look!  She wonders how many boyfriends she will have now!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, TRANSFORMATION FETISH, TRANSFER FETISH, AMAZON, NERDY GIRLS, GLASSES, FOOT FETISH, SOCKS, BOOT FETISH, LEGS, REDHEADS, LINGERIE

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