24:19 video

Sister Tomiko is not happy with the evil ways of Sablique Von Lux.  She plans on setting her straight and make her going towards a more pure path.  Tomiko finds out that Sablique is a witch practicing the dark magic and plans on trying to put an end to her.  Sister Tomiko throws her down to the mats. They start to wrestle each other and clothes are pulled off as they deliver rear naked holds, breast grabs, hair pulling, surfboards, foot in the crotch, foot biting, breast XXXX, face squishing, etc.  The pantyhose are also torn up as the two ladies catfight nude.  They go at it pretty hard until there is only one winner. Will it be good or evil that prevails?  FETISH ELEMENTS:  CATFIGHTING, FEMALE FIGHTING, FEMALE WRESTLING, NUDITY, PANTYHOSE WRESTLING, BREAST XXXX, CUNT BUSTING, FOOT FETISH, FACE SQUISHING, REAR NAKED, FOOT BITING, HAIR PULLING, TIT SQUEEZING, AMAZONS, BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, ASIAN, JAPANESE

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