23:34 video

The Red Queen's next target is to take over Atlantis, but Aqua woman (Jolene Hexx) is ahead of the game and will not allow the queen to take her soldiers for underwater warfare.  The first floor guards have been destroyed except for one captive, a Sergeant (Tomiko).  She is lead into the room like a pet, XXXX to crawl on all fours.  Aqua Woman boasts what a badass she is not realizing her strength on the poor Sergeant.  Great struggling XXXX with legs and pantyhose feet.  Aqua Woman pretends she is going to spare her, but then summons her land friend, a giant worm.  It jumps towards the Sergeant and starts to eat her.  It is no use, the Sergeant gets slowly eaten until there is nothing left.  Aqua Woman realizes that she hasn't had water in awhile and is thirsty.  She sees a glass of water and gulps it down.  She starts to feel funny.  Her throat starts to feel tight and this is when she sees the weird sticker on her glass.  The water has been tainted!!!  She falls to her knees and struggles on the ground.  After some time, she feels better.  Her powers have balanced the water in her body and she has cleaned the bad water.  She happens to notice that the worm is looking at her and it is no longer under her control.  She tries her telepathic abilities on her, but it is too late.  It lunges at her.  It gets a taste of seafood for the first time, and it likes it a lot.  It starts to eat her and there is nothing that she can do.  Her feet scrunch and her legs struggle, but she is finally consumed all the way....so ends Aqua Woman.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, FOOT FETISH, PANTYHOSE, LEGS, ASS FETISH, HUMOR, LEOTARDS, BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE. STOCKING FEET, SOLES

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