10:45 video

Nerd Tomiko has an even better gadget she bought from a shady scientist on the black market.  Tired of being so weak, she decides to try it out.  She calls in a face distress call to the Golden Avenger (BTrilogy).  Gold Avenger is not please with Tomiko when she finds out it was just a ploy to get here to arrive. Tomiko shows her the gadget and pushes the button.  Gold Avenger can feel her powers being drained from her.  Tomiko points the gadget onto herself, so she can inject the power into her.  It works!!  She feels stronger.  As a test, she asks Gold Avenger to lift a pillow.  When Tomiko sees that she can't she is excited.  She start to lift & carry the surprised Superheroine around the room.  She does a bear hug squeeze on her and then lifts & carries her some more.  Gold Avenger tries to leave but Tomiko puts a stop to that by sending her to dreamland. She moves the XXXX body to make sure she is out and then does another lift & carry to bring her to an awaiting cage where she intends to keep all her new super friends forever!  Finally she will be that popular and strong girl she always wished to be!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, LIFT & CARRY, TRANSFORMATION FETISH, BOOT FETISH, BIKINI, GLASSES, ASS FETISH, STRONG WOMEN, POWERFUL WOMEN, FEMALE DOMINATION, XXXX FETISH, XXXX FETISH, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, EBONY

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