10:28 video

Genie (Goldie Blair) is hanging out in her bottle.  She knows that her master had a party last night and she wasn't invited. There better not be a mess!  She blinks and is transferred out of the bottle into a messy living room.  She is angry.  If the master expects her to clean this room, then she is going to use her genie magic to do it.  She levitates pillows out of the way, blinks sofa cushions to straighten up, and blinks away all the glasses, bottle. dvds, and remotes.  After this is done, the pillows are levitated back into place on the couch.  With this all done, she decides to have a little fun.  She levitates her vibrator over to where she is standing and grabs it.  She blinks her clothes off so that she is nude.  Now it is time for some genie time.  She lays on the couch and starts masturbating with her toy.  She has a good time as she moans and moves her hips.  She loses sense of the time and realizes she better stop, but not before having an orgasm.  Her master will be home any minute and she doesn't want to get caught.  She hears him call out that he is home.  She quickly blinks her clothes back on and blinks the vibrator out of the room.  She blinks over to the door and blinks a drink in her hand to give to her master.  FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, VIBRATOR, MASTURBATION, ORGASMS, LEVITATION, EFFECTS, BIG TITS, BLONDES, MILF

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