24:45 video

Dr. Lux (Sablique Von Lux) gets a call from Tomiko Prince. She isn't feeling well and needs a home visit by the doctor. When she sees Tomiko, she seems very familiar to her. She gives her some medicine that cures the common cold. This is what she thinks is causing the problem. She soon figures out that this is actually Wonder Tomi. Luckily, the medicine makes Tomiko a bit dizzy. She is somehow given the suggestion that she turn into Wonder Tomi. Tomiko can't resisit the order. She stands up and spins, turning into Wonder Tomi. Dr. Lux wastes no time grabbing her and pulling her down over her lap. Wonder Tomi is weak and helpess. The doctor has had a huge lesbian crush on Wonder Tomi and now that she has her over her lap, she is going to take advantage of her sitiuation. She spanks Wonder Tomi's ass of steel. She gropes it and tells her that she is going to use a rectal thermometer to take her temperature. Wonder Tomi rejects that idea and this makes the doctor spank her harder. She even pulls dowm Wonder Tomi's tights and spanks her bare ass. Wonder Tomi begs for her to stop. She does, but only so she can put on a strap-on. Wonder Tomi looks confused at first but then gets XXXX to give her a blow job on her strap-on dildo. This turns her on so much that she lifts and carries Wonder Tomi to bring her to another room where she will put that rectal thermometer into that jiucy ass among other fun things! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, ASS FETISH, SPANKING, XXXX STRIPPING, LIFT AND CARRY, DILDOS, STRAP-ONS, BLOW JOBS, NUDITY, PANTYHOSE, OTK SPANKING, FEMALE FEMALE SPANKING, BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, AMAZONS, UPSKIRT, TRANSFORMATION

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