26:09 video

Crazy Tomiko has once again escaped from the insane asylum.  No one has yet to detect that she is missing.  Her mission is to trace down Steve which she does.  She thinks that he is her boyfriend, and Steve has moved several times hoping that she doesn't track him down again.  He is at home and hears a noise.  When he walks out, crazy Tomiko runs out to greet him...straight jacket and all!  She tackles him to the ground and get a good leg lock on him with arms wrapped around him.  She talks about their plans and their love, while Steve freaks out.  She decides to put him down and steals his wallet.  She goes to the spa to get all pretty for him.  When she returns, he is stripped down to his underwear and his hands are tied behind his back.  Tomiko starts applying scissors to him, figure fours, forcing foot worship on him, rear naked moves, gXXXXvines, face sitting and breast XXXX.  Steve keeps trying to fight her off, but he is helpless with his hands tied.  Tomiko continues to toy with him, but her fun ends suddenly when the people from the asylum arrive.  They have tracked her down and plan on bringing her back much to Steve's relief.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  MIXED WRESTLING, BIKINI, STRAIGHTJACKET, BONDAGE, FEMALE DOMINATION, FACE SITTING, GXXXXVINES, BREAST XXXX, REAR NAKED, LEG SCISSORS, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, HUMOR, FOOT FETISH, FOOT WORSHIP, XXXX FOOT WORSHIP, LEGS, SOLES

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