12:00 video

Bunny is sees that Tomiko is hiring for her restaurant.  As Tomiko does the interview, Bunny doesn't realize what is really going on.  Tomiko uses her scanner which is actually a cloning device. The unsuspecting Bunny doesn't even know that she has been cloned.  Tomiko has her look over towards this one area.  Bunny sees someone that looks like her....she has the same clothes, the same hair....wait a minute, that is her!  How can this be?  She watches in XXXX as this giant worms eats the clone Bunny.  Tomiko explains to her that she has been cloned.  Now that she has her scanned, she can make a whole bunch of Bunny clones.  She will no longer need her now that she has been cloned.  Bunny realizes that Tomiko has no intention of allowing her to leave.  She grabs the real Bunny and drags her over to the monster worm.  "You see, the clones are all great and everything for the restaurant food, but to have the real girl is like having a filet mignon."  Bunny realizes that this is the end for her as she is fed to the worm.  Once Tomiko knows that Bunny is definitely stuck and being slowly eaten, she moves away from the worm to make sure she doesn't accidently get eaten, too.  Who will be the next lucky girl Tomiko will get to interview and clone?  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, ASIAN, LEGS, BRUNETTE, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, HIGH HEELS, LONG HAIR, JAPANESE

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