8:54 video

Pigtail Polly (Natasha Ty) sits on the counter with her feet dangling coldly staring at you, the Villain.  Suddenly her eyes go wide.  She is deeply mind fucked by you.   You make her talk to you very sweetly and call you master.  She is flirty but then sXXXXs out of the trance and gets angry.   She gets off the counter and tells you she didn't mean anything that she said.  She then gets shocked and confused as her eyes dart back and forth. There is a sensation in her feet that grows stronger and stronger.  She starts to laugh.  She can't control herself.  Her feet feel like they are being tickled.  She gets back on the counter.  She tries to talk to you, but she is XXXX to laugh and make goofy faces. She sXXXXs out of the trance angry again and stands up.  She is then XXXX to dance different ways.  She tries to flirt with you to get you to stop with the mind fuck.  Suddenly there is a burning sensation on your feet.  You hop around like crazy from one foot to the other.  When the burning stops, she is about to yell at you, but suddenly her attitude changes.  She starts to feel pleasant tingling.  She is close to an orgasm, then denied.  She is about to yell at him again when all of a sudden she has a huge orgasm.  She is exhausted, feeling goofy and even goes cross-eyed.  She yodels and stands on one leg at a time.  She then says, "Night Noght" and falls to the ground and goes to dreamland.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  MIND FUCK, SILLY FACES, FOOT FETISH, ORGASMS, PONYTAILS, FRECKLES, DANCING, ASIAN, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, BIKINI, ASS FETISH

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