19:51 video

Sablique Von Lux was able to climb out of the worm using one of his latest meals as a ladder.  She has been hired by the show "Vore and More" with a much lower paying job....and on location interviewer.  Tomiko has been so popular hosting their show, that she has now opened up a restaurant called, "TOMIKO'S".  Sablique has to go interview Tomiko.  You can see that she is a bit miffed being replaced, and Tomiko taking over her past job.  Tomiko is wearing a sign...REAL TOMIKO, NOT FOOD."  Tomiko talks about her clone device and the restaurant she was able to buy due to her success as a hostess on the show.  She demos how the device works by showing each Tomiko clone in different scenerios.  Since being the show, the worm monsters have wanted to eat Tomiko.  That is how she came up with the clone idea.  The Tomiko clones can be eaten any way the customer wants, happy, struggling, afraid....you name it!  The sky is the limit!  While being interviewed, Sablique grabs the device. Without Tomiko having it in her hand, it changes her pheromones and the worm now doesn't know the difference between her and the clones.  It grabs her sign and all.  Sablique doesn't even realize what has happened as she talks to the camera.  The whole thing backfires when the worm walks up to her.  She realizes really quick what her fate will be.  As the worm gobbles her up, she sees Tomiko in the belly.  Since they went in different ways, they are at a 69 position with Tomiko's feet in her face and Sablique's feet in Tomiko's face.  They argue back and forth as the scene closes.  We aren't done yet!  There is a commercial for Tomiko's restaurant that follows!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, NUDITY, STUCK, STRUGGLING, HUMOR, FOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, SOLES, AMAZONS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, REDHEADS, BRUNETTE

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