27:30 video

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) is looking for Sunfire (Dragonlily).  She has been missing for some time!  All of a sudden, Wonder Tomi hears a voice.  It is the evil spirit Lady Kimono!  She lets Wonder Tomi know that Sunfire is now under her control.  Wonder Tomi threatens her and gets a punch to her stomach.  Wonder Tomi is thrown to the bed, where a snake awakes her.  She is mind controlled by the snake.  She must now obey Lady Kimono.  Sunfire arrives later.  Wonder Tomi is missing and she is looking for her.  Lady Kimono speaks out that she is under her control.  Sunfire demands that she release Wonder Tomi.  Wonder Tomi appears in a purple catsuit.  Sunfire tries to make her sXXXX out of her trance.  All of a sudden, Wonder Tomi is ordered to attack.  She puts Sunfire down.  A karate chop unseen then chops Wonder Tomi and down she goes.  The two Superheroines are then stripped by Lady Kimono.  Sunfire is dragged away.  Wonder Tomi awakes and doesn't understand why she is nude.  She must find Sunfire!  She discovers her with a gas mask and tries to get Sunfire out of there.  An order is made and the two Superheroines fight. Wonder Tomi gets the upper hand and goes to lift and carry her, but then is hit with an invisible dart that sends her to dreamland. The snake is back and does more mind control on both Superheroines.  In the end, the spirit shows herself.  Sunfire is mind fucked and follows her command, but then gets a karate chop and is carried out of the room.  What will happen to our two Superheroines??  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, SPANDEX, MIND FUCK, XXXX STRIPPING, LIFT & CARRY, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, XXXX FETISH, FEMALE FIGHTING, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

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