13:56 video

Sunfire (Dragonlily) and Wonder Tiffany (Miss Tiffany) come back from a hard day of crime fighting.  They are talking about their agenda for the next day before making dinner plans.  The phone rings and Wonder Tiffany answers.  Telemarketer!  The nerve...calling around dinner time!  What she doesn't realize is that it is dinner time for her.  She gets transported to the "Vore and More" show.  Sunfire is bewildered when Wonder Tiffany disappears all of a sudden.  The talk show hostess goes through her regular plans with questioning her new guest, but Wonder Tiffany gives major attitude and will not participate in the show.  She gets to meet Fluffy, the giant worm, much sooner.  It is meal time for Fluffy has he gobbles down Wonder Tiffany.  Her legs struggle as she tries to free herself, but she is stuck.  What will become of Wonder Tiffany???  This is story for part 1!  It continues to Part 2.  Sunfire gets a call and demands on the return of Wonder Tiffany. Her answer to that is a transport to the show.  She sees Wonder Tiffany stuck in the worm's mouth and tries to free her.  It is no use!  She is stuck and as the beast consumes more of Wonder Tiffany, it gets Sunfire's arm.  She is pulled in as well and gobbled up.  We see her sexy spandex body catsuit slowly go in, and the last thing you see is her boots as she is sucked in.  We see the two superheroines inside the belly.  The hostess continues the interview, but the two women are livid at this point.  The hostess doesn't like their attitude and orders the worm to digest them.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, FOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, POV, BRUNETTE, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, LEGS, CATSUITS, LONG HAIR, ASIAN

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