7:37 video

Goldie Blair has been eaten.  All that is left is her burped out clothes.  Dee Williams arrives looking for Goldie, but she is nowhere to be found!  She sees Goldie's heels and clothes on the floor.  She bends over to pick them up and doesn't realize that she is being watched by the beast.  He pounces on her and she falls to the ground.  Her arm is stuck in his mouth and she gets slowly pulled.  She is stuck and struggling.  She kicks her legs and her flip flops fly off.  She is not strong enough and eventually gets eaten.  The worm burps out her dress and panties.  The second helping of a busty lady did the trick and satisfied his hunger for now.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, BIG TITS, UPSKIRT, LEGS, FOOT FETISH, SOLES, BLONDES

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