41:58 video

A continued story from "Dr. Lux Wonder Spanks", we see what life is like for Wonder Tomi (Tomiko).  Dr. Lux (Sablique Von Lux) shows up for her daily training and medical check-up schedule.  Dr. Lux loves the challenge of mentally defeating and breaking down the stubborn defiant, and strong-willed Wonder Tomi.  Wonder Tomi has a collar and leash on when she answers the door.  She is not happy to see Dr. Lux because she knows what she is XXXX to have to do.  She gets down on the ground and assumes the position.  Dr. Lux grabs the leash and walks Wonder Tomi to the living room.  We see nice close up XXXX of Wonder Tomi's ass as she crawls.  She is ordered to lay over the lap of Dr. Lux and is spanked continuously.  Anytime Wonder Tomi protests, she makes her call her either mistress, master, or mommy.  Wonder Tomi hates this but has to deal with it.  The next humiliating thing that is done is her top amd bottoms are stripped off.  She is XXXX to give a blow job to the strap on dildo that Dr. Lux has put on.  If that is not humiliating enough, she has Wonder Tomi crawl back over her lap and she inserts a thermometer into her rectum and takes her temperature.  Wonder Tomi looks broken as Dr. Lux XXXXs her in her arms.  She is lifted and carried away to the bedroom where she will stay until the next day when the whole routine is repeated....FETISH ELEMENTS:  SUPERHEROINES, SLAVE TRAINING, PET PLAY, NUDITY, SPANKING, ASS FETISH, HUMILIATION, DILDOS, STRAP-ONS, FEMALE DOMINATION, LIFT & CARRY, XXXX STRIPPING, BOOT FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, REDHEADS, AMAZONS

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