0179 - AJ Marion

12:18 video

I love extended gagwear and adore the headspace it can evoke.  This is the next video in the Gagged Gal Friday series! A series in which your favorite gal Friday reads aloud while wearing a variety of gags!


It's time to work on my diction!  I gag myself with my new thin spider gag and begin reading aloud from The Deep Blue Good-By.  It's exceptionally challenging to maneuver my tongue around the metal ring spreading my mouth.  Just like with the ballgag, my jaw begins to ache slightly, but that's nothing compared to sensation of the straps cutting into the sides of my stretched lips.  As I continue to read, streams of drool slide down my chin dripping onto my chest.  I find myself having to decided “do I drool on my chest, my lap, or my blouse?” Strings of drool continue to drip off my chin as I read.  Eventually, I replace the bookmark, and release the strap holding the gag in place. I slowly remove the metal from my mouth and swallow any extra saliva that hasn't slipped south.  I sigh with relief.

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