0181 - AJ Marion

15:10 video

It's studio time for this dancer damsel! I make some high demands of my body, and I want to be able to continue to do so! That means time in the studio for stretching and exercise. I know how much you enjoy watching me and hearing my sounds; so I've set up the camera in what I hope will be some pleasing angles for you. Send me a note and let me know what you think!

I'm wearing reinforced heel black footless tights, a teal leotard, and tie front knit sweater.  I jog around the space as I listen to music.  A few full body breaths and on to neck stretches and rolls.  It's important to warm up the joints, and I roll my shoulders individually forward and back.  Next up are all kinds of hip rolls and bumps, around, individually.  I have a moment of playful spontaneous dancing as the music inspires me.

Working my way down my body, I roll my ankles both directions, arching up high and pressing my toes into the floor.  I warm up my feet further, flexing up and over my toes, curling them tightly.  Time to work on my strength and balance with some relevés, and end with a lift and hold.

This tushy takes determination in the way of squats and lunges, and you get a backseat view to the action.  Holds and bounces.  I breath through the exercise and jiggle my thighs and butt cheeks.  I move towards the ballet bar in case I need assistance with my balance.  I bring my foot up and grab it behind me, stretching my quadriceps.  A few more deep breaths, then a side, flat back, ankle reach, center, and roll up.

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